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For generations our ancestors before us had the idea of brewing spirits - and being still here today, it has proved that it was more than just a “ Idea made of spirits”!

Over the years methods and recipes were refined, so that fine blends are now connected, inseparably from the name “Hubertus”.

Today finest blends of highest level emerge. Every single blend is individually treated to draw out its strength and influence.

The products itself lets you see - taste it to convince yourself!
Leading distillation with multiple honors, give an outstanding indication of the “High-Spirit” delicacies of the Mosel region.
Premium quality fruit from apples, pears, grapes, yellow plums, strawberries, raspberries and black current belong to our assortment of fruits together with our “classic” yeast and Tresterbrände – the latest is “Mark de Mosel” or “Mosel grappa” and also well known.

For those not liking such a high percent alcohol, we recommend that you try one of our house-made Liquors of the Red Vineyard Peach, or the Wild Cherry or a Trestercréme Cream Liquor for example.

With us you will find something for every taste…

Wines and the Finest Liquor Blends directly from the producer - which guarantees an advantage that you should take!